January 30, 2019

Meet one of the guys behind the scenes making things happen for the next generation.

Calisthenics Certifications: What got you into Calisthenics? What were you doing before?

Chris Nixon: In 2008 I was 22yrs old and I was boxing and training for the NSW PCYC academy team with dreams of being an Australian champ, but it was short lived and unfortunately, I had a major back injury due to repetitive strain associated with boxing. Th...

July 2, 2017

All nutrients come from the sun or the soil.
VITAMIN D is created when sunlight hits our skin. Everything else comes from the ground.
Minerals come from the earth and vitamins from plants and micro organisms that grow from it.
Calcium from a cows milk came from the plants she ate which drew it up from the soil (cows milk is the number 1 source of calcium and also, the number 1 source of saturated fat). We can cut out the 'mid...

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