2019 comp run down

We will run these comps at all 2019 Australian expos

Here is a basic rundown




5pts Muscle up

3pts pull up 

2pts dip

1pt push up 


Max total wins 

Athletes will rest between each element but each attempt is in one. No stopping.




1on1 knockout battles

3 x 45 second runs 

Winner goes through to next battle




Killer set including dynamics and static’s 

Fastest time wins

(example set)


10 second handstand

3 muscle ups

10 diamond push ups

1 muscle up

10 bar dips

20 second isometric hold

5 pull ups

20 squat jumps

10 second bottom of a dip isometric hold

10 dips

15 burpees

5 chin ups

10 second l sit

10 push ups