Calisthenics or ‘street workout’ is progressive strength training using the own bodyweight. To perform the exercises the athletes use pull up bars, dip bars, or the urban surroundings such as scaffolding and park benches. 

The goal of the calisthenics training concept is to use the own body as training machine in order to be able to train strength, endurance, mobility and coordination anywhere and anytime. 

’Street Workout’ also stands for community as it implies certain philosophy and lifestyle and is a part of modern culture. The intensity and variety of available exercises allow creating and maintaining a strong body and great physical shape. The exercises are dynamic and many include aerobic elements which make the performance attractive. This is a big part of why people do not get bored. This and the simplicity. It is for everyone.










According to a study by the American College of Sports Medicine, Calisthenics is the largest fitness trend of 2015 and 2016


Development of the movement



The traceable history of body weight training starts with Greco-Roman gymnastics although the roots of physical exercise and are much older. Street workout then referred to as calisthenics, organised a discipline in ancient Greece. calisthenics has been mentioned in Persians Scout report spot on Spartan warriors before Battle of Thermopylae For thousands of years Street worker exercises having practices by eastern cultures as a form part of Yoga and martial arts.



Since the ancient times, streetworkout exercise been widely used by military organisations, sportsmen and sports teams to build physical strength. Street workout exercises are component component of physical education in primary and secondary schools in most parts of the planet.



During the last few years the street workout movement has become increasingly popular and widespread thanks to the internet and social media. Millions of men and women all over the world are doing regular workouts.